Collaborative Programming with The Temple

Our artists have juicy secrets that they want to share with you…

Introducing Temple Tattle, PlatteForum’s second annual offering, in which we pair-up creatives from The Temple with the rabble-rousing change agents of our great city to show how we can make socially just communities through art. Our Tattle Tales present varying approaches in art and culture, on how to create an equitable society by challenging injustice and valuing diversity.

PlatteForum is proud to be the anchor agency of The Temple, a contemporary artists’ haven in the River North Art District of Denver, home to more than 30 professional artists and creative businesses.

All talks are free and open to the public.
Generously supported by the Bonfils Stanton Foundation



6:30pm, Wednesday January 31
Temple Artist Resident Thomas Evans (DETOUR) and local poet Panama Soweto
Turning fruit and paintings into musical instruments, while performing the spoken word – this presentation will be a hybrid of storytelling and interactive audience participation. Temple Artist Thomas Evans will share his instruments, as Denver-based spoken word poet Panama Soweto challenges ideas about bullying, single-parenthood, sexual abuse, self-advocacy, and discrimination.

NOT THE WEED STORY YOU THINK IT IS: Foragers and Activists
Tuesday, February 27 at 6:30 p.m.
Featuring Temple Artist Viviane Le Courtois and Kate Armstrong, The Weed Lady.
Temple Artist Viviane Le Courtois will present on her long history of offering a new look on food and sustainable lifestyles through participatory installations and performances alongside Kate Armstrong, The Weed Lady, an urban forager who’s made a career of living off our urban landscape by supplementing her diet with edible weeds. Expect to try salves and teas, all harvested from the streets and yards of our great city.

Tuesday, March 27 at 6:30 p.m.
Featuring Temple Artist Theresa Anderson and Miguel De La Torre, Professor of Social Ethics and Latina Studies at the Iliff School of Theology
In 17th Century France, there is a recorded case of nuns who, having experienced abuse in the convent, one-by-one went out to the town square and began to meow loudly, non-stop, for days. The town folk hired armed guards to beat the nuns and send them in retreat, back to the convent. This presentation will feature a discussion about Temple Artist Theresa Anderson’s recent performance based on this tale, “When I Was A Kitten,” along with co-presenter, Professor Miquel De La Torre, who will discuss the history of civil disobedience in religion and other forms of religious-based rebellions.

Tuesday, April 10 at 6:30 p.m.
Featuring Temple Artist Drew Austin and Queer/Trans Political Operative Jack Teter
Beginning the evening of April 9th, Temple Artist Drew Austin will live-stream* the creation of a mural in PlatteForum’s gallery. Using his improvisational style of mark-making, Austin’s piece will also focus on concepts of masculinity and constructs of identity. The following evening, on April 10th, a lively discussion of the completed mural will ensue, with both Drew Austin and Jack Teter leading the critical discussion.
*Note: Austin’s mural creation session will be able to be viewed through PlatteForum’s FaceBook live-feed: (@PlatteForum)

Tuesday, May 1 at 6:30 p.m.
Featuring Temple Artist Dylan Scholinski with Megan Lane, Recycling Program Administrator for the Solid Waste Management/Public Works Department of the City and County of Denver
Artist and activist Dylan Scholinski has dedicated every day of his life for the past eight years to creating one artwork per day, with each year’s series embodying the spirit of revering a found object, trash, the everyday, the lost, the abject. Join us for an evening discussion about this artist’s practice and how it ties to the City of Denver’s large-scale waste management and removal.




The 303 ArtWay is a proposed urban trail to experience Denver’s art, health, and heritage.

The 303 ArtWay is an exciting new catalyst for Denver. It is a proposed art-themed urban trail connecting paved walkways and bike paths through the Park Hill Neighborhood with a larger vision to expand through Denver. The trail will highlight the visionaries and artists, leaders and community activists who have brought so much life to this unique and diverse neighborhood.

PlatteForum is the artistic partner for the 303 ArtWay highlighting the experience as the function of the trail is not merely around the connection, it will also celebrate creativity, featuring art to be commissioned by the community itself. Neighbors are invited to weigh in on the visual direction of the art surrounding the trail. This will provide the community another amenity to appreciate the beauty of Park Hill, while connecting with neighbors and friends.

The trail will also provide the community additional platforms for events and activities, such as parades and group bicycle events. Additionally, the trail and its events will lead people directly to many of the small businesses of the area, boosting their visibility and patronage.

For questions, please contact Rebecca Vaughan.