Collaborative Programming with The Temple

Introducing PlatteForum’s new series of events, which promote an equitable society by challenging injustice and valuing diversity through art.

We are proud to be the anchor agency of The Temple, a contemporary artists’ haven in the River North Art District of Denver, home to more than 30 professional artists and creative businesses. Through exhibitions and artist lectures, we pair-up creatives and studio artists from The Temple with the rabble-rousing change agents of our great city to show how we can make socially just communities.

Generously supported by the Bonfils Stanton Foundation

Learn about AXIS MUNDI, our Fall 2017 exhibition featuring artists from The Temple, US and Canada, in conjunction with the Biennial of the Americas and the SIE Film Center.




The 303 ArtWay is a proposed urban trail to experience Denver’s art, health, and heritage.

The 303 ArtWay is an exciting new catalyst for Denver. It is a proposed art-themed urban trail connecting paved walkways and bike paths through the Park Hill Neighborhood with a larger vision to expand through Denver. The trail will highlight the visionaries and artists, leaders and community activists who have brought so much life to this unique and diverse neighborhood.

PlatteForum is the artistic partner for the 303 ArtWay highlighting the experience as the function of the trail is not merely around the connection, it will also celebrate creativity, featuring art to be commissioned by the community itself. Neighbors are invited to weigh in on the visual direction of the art surrounding the trail. This will provide the community another amenity to appreciate the beauty of Park Hill, while connecting with neighbors and friends.

The trail will also provide the community additional platforms for events and activities, such as parades and group bicycle events. Additionally, the trail and its events will lead people directly to many of the small businesses of the area, boosting their visibility and patronage.

For questions, please contact Rebecca Vaughan.