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We need your help to sustain our services and support our neighbors at The Temple.

Since 2002, PlatteForum has been and will continue to be much more than an arts organization; we are a lifeline and livelihood for many of the youth and artists we serve. 

Please consider a donation to PlatteForum today.

  • $3,000 can support one month of stipends to our high school ArtLab Interns to help meet their households’ basic needs 
  • $1,500 can support a monthly payment to our mental health and social work provider
  • $1,000 can support one month of premium payments so we can continue to cover employee health insurance
  • $500 can support one month of professional tutoring services  
  • $200 can support an interim stipend for an artist whose residency has been postponed
  • $25 can support a 3D printed mask for someone in our community
  • Donations of any size matter!

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We are grateful to you for being a part of our community. Thank you for your ongoing support and generosity during this time of uncertainty and change.  

With gratitude and hope, 
PlatteForum Board of Directors

We are continuing to offer virtual programs during our temporary closure

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PlatteForum Interns and Resident Artist Paloma Ayala with guest artist Kerrie JoyMonument, installation by Paloma Ayala
Your support is urgently needed and helps to sustain our most critical services and programs
Prototype Peace, Mackenzie Browning & ArtLab Interns, 2018
Installation by PlatteForum Resident Artist Paloma Ayala + ArtLab Interns - closed until further notice.