Welcome to PlatteForum!

We envision a world where youth and artists have no boundaries to success.

To do that, we’ve implemented ArtLab, our innovative and intentional long-term arts internship for youth from historically marginalized communities.

In ArtLab, we connect youth and artists with the resources they need to be successful, and our 11 year 97% on-time high school graduation rate is proof that our program works.

I would have been a high school drop out if it wasn’t for ArtLab.

Yonis, ArtLab Graduate

Upcoming Events:

“Use The Space, Use It You Must”

Tuesday Feb 25th 6-8pm

Oz Architecture 3003 Larimer St.

Join us for a night of discussion about gendered spaces with local sex therapist, Grace Ballard and international artist, Paloma Ayala. 


We are currently accepting applications for the 2020/2021 Artist Residency Program.

The Artist Residency program is open to artists in all genres. Applications from established professional artists, emerging artists, and graduate students are welcome. We encourage local, national, and international artists to apply. Artistic excellence, merit, and creative ways for interacting with youth and the public in issues of social change and justice are important criteria in the selection process.

Visit our Apply For a Residency page for more information!


ArtLab needs more interns! Are you a high school sophomore or junior looking for a paid creative opportunity in the arts?

Artlab is a long term, paid, after school internship for high school students who work side by side with professional artists to create 3-5 public art exhibitions per year. With the opportunity to work with a variety of artists, students are exposed to diverse genres such as sculpture, painting, theater, filmmaking, street art, choreography, music, photography, poetry and more. Youth create and present major artistic works relating to issues in their lives and communities. Students are also provided personalized planning support to reach their goals after high school. ArtLab students are offered academic support and post secondary mentorship.

Apply for an ArtLab Internship  or visit our ArtLab page for more information!

Application is live until March 7th.
Upcoming exhibition and lecture by resident artist Paloma Ayala