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PlatteForum, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, supports contemporary artists and under-served youth in metro Denver through innovative, long-term arts programs that allow the youth to work side-by-side with artists in residence. This award-winning nonprofit organization provides a nurturing space where creativity and artistic excellence are highly valued and where artists and youth partner together to plan, produce, and exhibit a body of work to the public. The overall experience transforms the lives of the youth, the artists and the community. 2400 Curtis Street, Suite 100, Denver 80205. PlatteForum is a member of the Alliance of Artists Communities.

Our programs are possible through the generosity of our sponsors

2400 Curtis Street, Suite 100
Denver, CO 80205
Phone: 303-893-0791

Tuesday-Thursday: 12–6 pm
Friday: 12–4 pm
or by appointment

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We are now accepting applications for the 2017/2018 residency season. The Artist Residency program is open to artists in all genres, in any stage of their career. We encourage local, national, and international artists to apply.
PlatteForum is pleased to announce the exhibition Pictorial Vexillography, Concerns in Different Regularities Opening Reception noon-2pm, Saturday, March 18, 2017
Learn how the power of community changed four lives forever.