ArtLab, paid internships for high school students

ArtLab is sponsored by Land Title Guarantee Company. Locally owned and operated since 1967.

Based on best practices for youth development programs, ArtLab is an innovative year-round, out-of-school program for underserved high school youth that integrates the creative process and arts-based learning with academic, personal, and professional skill development. As an intensive program, we are limited to 15 youth who go through a competitive application and interview process. Youth do not need to have an arts background. This program seeks youth who do not have access to learning through the arts and would benefit from structured immersion in the creative process.

ArtLab intern Applications for Winter 2019 are OPEN. DEADLINE Sunday, December 30th at 5pm
Click here to apply online! 

ArtLab youth are involved in the creation and presentation of major works, mentored by professional artists, and participate in workshops directed by visiting artists. All projects address social issues affecting their generation, which create opportunities to support youth voice. Each endeavor has clear goals and connections to the real world. This propels youth to become active members and catalysts for change in their communities. ArtLab integrates organic and structured activities with respectful interactions among all. Through individual and group struggles, challenges, and obstacles, ArtLab interns learn to work together as a team, communicate, accept differences, and focus on completing a project/goal together. In the end, ArtLab youth create high-quality works of art and experience a sense of accomplishment, pride, and shared purpose.

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