Future Visions: Interview with Graduating ArtLab Intern Jameelah Mims

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This spring six ArtLab interns will graduate from high school. In celebration of their growth, commencement and future we will feature an intern interview each week!

At PlatteForum we believe that youth voice is essential to a more just and equitable world. Over the course of the Class of 2018’s time with us they have built community, supported each other through high school growing pains, worked hard to complete their course work and apply to college, and marched in rallies and protests. In ArtLab they have dared to articulate a vision of a better world through their art by challenging our cultural narratives in America. Cheers to the leadership of the ArtLab Interns!

Jameelah was a recipient of the 2018 Mayor’s Award Youth Award for overcoming adversity. 

Future Visions: Interview with Jameelah Mims
Denver School of Science and Technology: Cole, Class of 2018
Community College of Denver, Class of 2022

What are you most proud of in this last year of high school?
I was insecure about my learning disability but I realized I’m still human and I can be more compassionate with myself. Accepting my learning disability as part of my identity has been important to me.

What will you miss about ArtLab?
Everything. The freedom, the support we get to express our feelings through art and have conversations about our lives, politics, everything.

Something you love about yourself?
I’m funny. I really love my humor.

Sweetest thing?
Experiencing life. The fact that we can face so challenges and struggles is really beautiful. It shows that we are stronger than we realize and that we can grow and change.

What possibilities excite you about your future? 
Writing novels and being creative. Now that I’m interested in writing I can bring that to the real world.

Famous last words?