FREEDOM in AMERICA – ONE NIGHT ONLY! 6-8pm, Thursday May 17th, an exhibition by ArtLab interns

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This exhibition by PlatteForum’s own ArtLab high school interns and Lead Artist Hannah Leathers will be an engaging, one night only event. Just above PlatteForum on the 2nd floor of The Temple, interns will host an exhibition of their drawings, the results of an eight-week class about the foundations of drawing, and how they relate to foundations of privilege.

This exhibit questions what it means to be ‘free in America’ and contemporary forms of activism. ArtLab students explore unapologetic expression of personal identities and spotlight oppressive forces in our society.

On the 150+ dual-sided picket signs that make up the work, the ArtLab students portray oppressions within their own identities, or those around them. The front of each picket sign is strictly visual art–no text–juxtaposing the typical ‘picket sign’ aesthetic, and inviting the viewer to participate meaning of each sign. During the exhibition, every 30 minutes the ArtLab students will flip their picket signs around to the backsides, exposing a collaborative poem. The poem explores personal identity, oppression, and being ‘unapologetic’ in your own authenticity and truth.

The poem ends with the collaborative statement — “We are the hope of tomorrow that will build the inclusivity and diversity that you could not.”