Spring Semester 2009

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Spring Semester 2009

This spring ArtLab interns will begin to assemble the research and background knowledge needed to create an original theatrical piece. Students will work in collaboration with several theater professionals from the Denver area. These individuals will engage youth through the process of exploring social justice issues; learning script writing skills, performance techniques, design motifs, and poetry. During this time youth will build upon their own skills, talents and experiences.

The students will work on their creative writing techniques with award winning playwright Craig Volk, a University of Colorado professor. Craig will provide guidance in script writing and directing. Students will foster their creativity while working along side UCD students who mentor ArtLab interns in various capacities. Labyrinth Arts Academy Director Jose Mercado will explore the student’s performance and speech talents giving them critical feedback. ArtLab students will also work with Curious Theater’s set designers and engineers to help build the set for the next Curious Theater production. Students who participate in the spring semester will work towards identifying their primary theme/s) which will be incorporated into the reader’s theater piece which will be written during their summer internship. ArtLab interns will participate in slam poetry workshops with Jennifer Rinaldi, South High School’s drama director and Sumi ink drawing workshops Homare Ikeda, PlatteForum’s creative resident. In addition interns will participate in service learning projects centered on social issues they identify as critical to their generation.

Through community collaboration and full participation in the creative process, students will improve their understanding of creativity, diversity, trust and teamwork. Students will learn from the experiential process to address social justice issues, which will be the central themes of their play and define its characters. ArtLab students will be prepared to begin writing their reader’s theater piece at the beginning of the summer internship.

[ArtLab Interns spent a day at Curious Theatre learning about the many elements of stage, set and costume design.] [Current ArtLab intern JoseJuan, says pledge of allegiance during the signing of the stimulus bill by President Barak Obama in Denver on Tuesday, February 17th, 2009.]
[Interns searched the city to win a visual scavenger hunt in March 2009.]