Fall Semester 2008

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Fall semester, ArtLab students are working at PlatteForum with Creative Resident,  Gail Watson. Gail is a visual artist exploring the issues of identity and concentrating on dominant culture. Students are creating artist books in conjunction with Gail’s residency. Gail made her first book in the third grade at P.S. 37 in Queens, New York, and has continued as a book artist since. Gail is teaching the students how to communicate ideas and imagery by using digital photography and printing techniques. ArtLab students’ resulting work Dominate Culture: Outside & Other; will be shown at the PlatteForum gallery opening on October 16, 2008.

Following the residency with Gail Watson, students will work with PlatteForum’s Learning Labs, Creative Residents and collaborating community organizations. The students will act as mentors to the youth at PlatteForum’s Learning Labs. ArtLab students are a vital component of the creative process with the Creative Residents.

In collaboration with the University of Colorado at Denver, ArtLab students will also begin to critic theatrical productions at an array of venues in the Denver Metro area. ArtLab Interns will explore how to critically look at a performance. Students will attend performances at the Denver Center for Performing Arts, Curious Theatre, and Vintage Theatre. Through this process ArtLab students will develop an educated eye and gain the background knowledge needed to understand the foundations of theatrical productions. Also, students will have the opportunity to go behind stage during rehearsals at the University of Colorado Denver. Students will gain a deep understanding of the process behind the curtain in theatrical arts performances.

Throughout the duration of the semester ArtLab students are educated in workforce skills and higher education opportunities. Student collaborate with peers and are exposed to a diverse group artists and ideas. Students participate fully in the creative process and receive recognition and feedback from the public. They learn organization and time management skills along with working side by side with outstanding peers.