Summer Intensive Session 2008

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During the summer of 2008 students were immersed in film making, theatrical productions for the public, and collaborations with RedLine, Cinemocracy, the Denver Film Society, Dialog:City and Denver Open Media.

It was a summer filled with new experiences and endless possibilities.  While the ArtLab interns challenged themselves to achieve higher and dream bigger they were able to accomplish many feats that they would have had the opportunity to otherwise. The culmination of the summer ended with a sense of achievement, camaraderie, lessons learned and knowledge gained.

ArtLab’s Summer 2008 began with a focus on Theatre arts. Lead by artist, teacher and founder/director of Labyrinth Arts Academy, Jose Mercado, the ArtLab team worked with a variety of artists in the process of creating, writing and producing an original play focusing on youth homelessness. Craig Volk, award-winning playwright, guided the students in writing the screenplay and Creative Resident Rory Golden worked with youth in creating portraits that will be integrated in the set. Created from a summer of improvisation, research, interviews and rehearsals, Throwaway/Runaway is a collage of monologues and scenes written by ArtLab. Performed by the youth that created the stories,Throwaway/Runaway examines the lives of today’s youth who have run away from home or have been forced out of a dysfunctional home.  The substitutes youth find for the loss of family and the tragedies that often result in the search for those substitutes are explored. The world premiere of Throwaway/Runawaywas performed on June 21 and 22nd, 2008. The play had its first staged reading in November at the Webb Atrium, with emcee Mayor Hickenlooper.  Interns performed, Throwaway/Runaway three times for the public.  Throwaway/Runaway is play written and performed by ArtLab.

ArtLab Cinemocracy Films
In the summer of 2008, ArtLab interns worked diligently to create two films answering the question,”What is democracy?” for Cinemocracy, a national competition sponsored by the Denver Film Society.  In a matter of a month, interns experienced a crash course in filmmaking and produced two films that are spectacular. “CLIQUE”addresses diversity and the media’s influence on youth. The second film, “DOWNFALL”uses a dream sequence and high-speed imagery for impact. ArtLab student, Eddie Orozco says, ” Democracy is a beautiful thing. It allows us to be who we are; it is the freedom to be.”

“Ever since I started ArtLab, I began learning more about people and their cultures. I learned how to be more focused and relaxed. I met scriptwriters, dancers, poets, painters that taught me about their lives and the history of their profession. I learned how to listen and be a team player. Thanks ArtLab!