Invest in PlatteForum: Become a Sponsor

When you sponsor PlatteForum, you are supporting a great cause in a visible, high-impact way. Show your customers, the city, our community, and the world that you stand behind artists, culture, creativity, beauty, community, and access to the arts for kids who typically have the fewest opportunities. Your support gives them a chance to beat the odds and enriches our community in extraordinary ways.

sal_miles_lightbulbOur big idea: To use the arts to transform the lives of underserved youth, support the work of professional artists, and enrich the community.

PlatteForum’s primary programs—Creative Residencies, Learning Labs, and ArtLab—create a powerful ripple effect of change in Denver. As an organization that employs a creative, arts-based approach to improving the quality of life for artists, youth, and individuals in our community, PlatteForum invites you to play a key part in our organization.

Why Invest?

PlatteForum is exceptional because our programs work. Our high-school-age youth participating in the ArtLab program graduate from high school at a rate of 100% when graduation rates among their peers hover at about 50%, and many are the first or second in their families to receive a high school diploma. Of these graduates, most go to college (most are the first in their families to go) thanks to the CAMP program. Our programs function like a springboard for both artists and youth, and our community benefits from the advancement of both.

Through our commitment to artistic excellence, professionalism, in-depth arts learning, and effecting long-term positive change in the youth and communities we serve, barriers are eliminated, playing fields are leveled, and community grows richer from the expansion of the arts and contribution of youth as they build productive lives. No other organization offers our powerful brand of real-world creative learning that allows such significant growth for artists, youth, and community.

Investing in PlatteForum means that you will have a profound effect on artists, youth, and community, by joining in our commitment to improve the lives of disadvantaged young people from around Denver through arts-based learning and youth development while providing artists the time, space, and support to create new work.

Benefits of Sponsorship

In addition to a great host of promotional benefits we can offer to sponsors, we also offer sponsoring companies and organizations opportunities to serve on our board of directors and various committees. Committee work includes the Artist Committee (selects and supports all creative residents), Special Events Committee, Governance, A.M.P., and others. We also offer special work days for employee groups, exclusive access to PlatteForum’s gallery and studio for private events and meetings, invitations to private donor events and artist receptions, and many other benefits. Please contact us to learn more about how we can partner with you.

General Sponsorship Levels

  • PlatteForum Title Sponsorship – $25,000
  • ArtLab Title Sponsorship – $10,000 
  • A.M.P. Title Sponsorship – $7,500 
  • Artist Residency + Learning Lab Sponsorship – $5,000
  • Opening Reception Sponsorship – $2,500 
  • ArtLab Scholarships – $1,500