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Let’s face it; living in beautiful Colorado is becoming a more expensive, challenging proposition every day. Rising prices and shrinking affordable housing can make survival a higher priority than dreams of prosperity for an increasing number of our citizens, and under-resourced youth are feeling the squeeze as much as their elders. It is no longer an option to continue one’s education as far as it can be taken; if economic and social progress is to be made – it’s a requirement.

At PlatteForum, our award-winning ArtLab program has an unparalleled record of success in helping high school students graduate and providing these young people an outlet for the inspiration, hard work and discipline needed to succeed in challenging times. We need your help to keep ArtLab growing and successful.


Your support in our 2018 fiscal year made an incredible impact on PlatteForum and we are thrilled to celebrate many major milestones including:

  • Our entire 2018 senior class graduated on time, began college in the fall and all received scholarships – several of those being full-ride tuition!
  • Our high school graduation rates continue to far exceed local, state and national results at 98% over eleven years
  • Served over 4,000 individuals including more than 700 youth
  • Provided 81 artists with free exhibition space or paid projects
  • Completed a three-year strategic plan with a refresh of our mission, vision and values statements (read our plan and new statements at

PlatteForum cannot keep achieving these results alone; we urgently need the support of community members like you to keep the momentum going. PlatteForum, our students and your community rely on the foresight and kindness of people like you to make programs like ArtLab, and the academic success of its participants, an ongoing, continuously improving reality.


Beyond cash donations, there are many ways to support!

Contact our Executive Director at for details about these options:

  • Ask your employer about work place giving or visit the Community Shares website for details.
  • Fund an ArtLab scholarship
  • Include PlatteForum as part of your planned giving.
  • Honor or remember a loved one with a gift in their name to PlatteForum.
  • Donate items needed on our wish list.
  • Encourage your employer to match your gift.
  • Become a sponsor or encourage your employer to become a sponsor.
  • Make a donation of cash or stocks. 
  • Adopt a Bill! Pay our electric, internet, rent, or phone bill for a month or all year. Often overlooked, bills add up. Help ensure more funds benefit programs.
  • Designate a donation through Mile High United Way.
  • Donate your vehicle.
  • Donate gift cards to retailers like Target, Costco, King Soopers, Whole Foods, or other restaurants and stores to help us keep costs down and direct more funds to programming.
  • Donate tickets to arts events, museums, and film screenings and offer youth in our programs experiences in which they would otherwise not be able to participate due to cost.
  • Donate your miles to send staff to national workshops, trainings, and conferences that help us stay on top of the latest trends and best practices for our programs.
  • Donate general supplies such as printer cartridges, paper supplies, cleaning supplies, IT equipment (such as used iPads). 

Monthly Giving at PlatteForum
Setting up an automated monthly donations to PlatteForum is easy! Starting at $10 per month, you will receive the satisfaction and good feeling of helping to sustain our programs, without having to remember to get online or get out your checkbook and mail a check. Monthly giving is made possible via, which means less hassle for you.

Your monthly gift provides PlatteForum with reliable and regular income to cover our expenses, strengthen and expand our award-winning programs, and plan for the future. At the same time, it helps us eliminate unnecessary appeals and requests, ensuring that more of each donation goes directly to our programs and services.

Why give monthly?

  • It’s easy. The monthly amount you select can be charged to your bank account or credit card automatically.
  • It’s money we can count on. Knowing we can count on your monthly support helps us budget more effectively as an organization.
  • It makes a big difference. Your monthly donation will help us give some experiences of a lifetime to underprivileged children in the Denver metro area.
  • It’s cost-effective. Your money goes further, because monthly giving reduces the need for regular appeals, saving money spent on printing, paper, and stamps.

How much you should give each month?
Here are some important areas of our work that your monthly gift will help make happen:

  • $10 will buy art supplies for one student in a single Learning Lab session.
  • $15 helps us put on a public exhibition featuring the work by artists and youth.
  • $25 makes it possible for one child to participate in a single intensive Learning Lab session with a professional resident artist.
  • $35 helps underwrite the cost of our utilities and keeps the lights on.
  • $50 each month allows an ArtLab student to participate in a single session of ArtLab.
  • $75 contributes to artistic materials for an artist in residence for one month.
  • $90 helps a Learning Lab or ArtLab group to go to a museum, the Wildlife Sanctuary, the Denver Film Center, and other sites that are normally out of reach due to cost and that inspire their creative work and flex their imaginations in the best way.
  • $115 contributes to the costs of getting an ArtLab student completely ready for college through the College Access and Mentoring Program.
  • $150 covers the cost of a child’s participation in a full month of Learning Lab sessions.
  • $200 supports a student’s participation in ArtLab for an entire month.

Ready? Here’s how to give monthly in 10 easy steps:

  1. Click the Donate button above.
  2. Enter the amount you would like to give each month next to where it says, “Donation Amount ($)”
  3. Select “Yes” where it says, “Is this a recurring donation?”
  4. Enter the date you’d like your first monthly donation to occur next to “First installment date,” then select “Monthly” next to “How often do you want this donation to recur?” We recommend selecting “No end date (ongoing donation)” next to “When should the donation end?”
  5. Enter any special instructions or preferences under donation details, then click, “Add to Cart.”
  6. On the next page, click “Checkout.” You will be prompted to log in if you already have a username and password (which is likely if you’ve donated before), or set up a new account so the system can save your data for monthly giving.
  7. After you have set up an account or logged in, you will be prompted to enter payment information. You can select Bank Account or Credit Card. We highly suggest Bank Account for automatic monthly drafts from your account so you don’t have to worry about credit cards expiring. Rest assured, your payment information and other data are protected by the highest-available level of internet security.
  8. Enter your billing information as you would for any online purchase.
  9. Finally, click the checkbox signaling that you agree to the site’s terms and conditions and click, Submit!
  10. That’s it! Your monthly donation will be processed automatically.

  • Volunteer at PlatteForum!
  • Help us secure donations of food and beverages for exhibition openings and other events. Local restaurants and beverage retailers benefit from visibility and exposure at our events. Ask your local wine shop, restaurant, grocery store, or liquor store to donate food and wine to PlatteForum.
  • Serve on a committee or join the Board. 
  • Do a drive for donations or art supplies among your friends, book club, colleagues or other group.
  • Encourage others to donate to PlatteForum. Email us for simple talking points you can use to spread the word about our programs and events

Have an idea not listed here? Let us know!