Current ArtLab Interns

Based on best practices for youth development programs, PlatteForum’s ArtLab is an innovative year-round, out-of-school program for under-resourced high school youth that integrates the creative process and arts-based learning with academic, personal, and professional skill development. As an intensive program, we are limited to 15 youth who go through a competitive application and interview process. Learn more about our current ArtLab Interns below. For more information on ArtLab or to learn about sponsoring an ArtLab Intern contact Amanda Flores or Rebecca Vaughan.

Carlos CasillasCarlos Casillas

Manual High School

In the future Carlos would like to become a well known artist. In his lifetime he would like to see his skills in art constantly improve. Carlos is very interested in graffiti and street art as well as video games. He feels he is at his best when he listens to music.

Emmarie PadillaEmmarie Padilla

North High School

Emmarie was born on the first day of the year. In addition to her position as an ArtLab intern Emmarie volunteers with middle school students at Mi Casa’s Neighborhood center at Lake. She dreams of going to college to become a therapist. Emmarie would like to have a bright and successful future!

Jurnee SamJurnee Sam

Justice High School

Jurnee dreams of becoming a graphic novelist authoring original stories. He takes his practice in art serious and is currently interested in drawing, gaming, and writing. Jurnee struggles with writing but has been working on developing his skills. He is most comfortable with sketching and looks forward to learning more!

Leilani AbeytaLeilani Abeyta

Colorado Academy

Leilani would like to be a professional traveling artist while helping her community and others through her art. In 8th grade she went on a life-changing trip to Costa Rica and would like to go back someday to reconnect with the community there. She is looking forward to college where she hopes to learn about and experience different types of art while becoming a better artist herself. She is at her best when she is not hungry and given the space to express herself through art. Leilani is interested in meeting new people and creating strong bonds with them.

Flor CanalesFlor Canales

DSST Cole High School

I love people who are open minded and willing to listen. My dreams are to go to college and graduate. After college I want to help people in some way. What no one realizes about me is that although I may seem shy at first I am actually a pretty outgoing person. I would love to travel to Mexico because I haven’t been there since I was three years old. I am thrilled by exploring new things and going outside of my comfort zone. In my lifetime I would love to see people come together to create a peaceful world.

Rogelio Muñoz-VargasRogelio Muñoz-Vargas

DSST Cole High School

My dreams are to move to NYC to pursue an artistic career. In my lifetime I want to see less ignorance in the world and more acceptance. I would love to travel to space because I’ve always thought about the possibility of extraterrestrial life. I’m looking forward to America’s future because as a society we have lots of room for growth and I hope I can be a positive impact.

Xanayia McKinneyXanayia McKinney

Contemporary Learning Academy

I am interested in art of any kind, they are all beautiful in their own ways. I love every kind of music, every genre has something for everyone if they look hard. In the future I’d like to be on a team for designing video games and for making Manga comics. Performing with the Denver orchestra is a goal I’d like to accomplish as a musician (I play the cello). Going to college is a must for me.

Max DominguezMax Dominguez

Colorado HS Charter

I have four brothers and sisters. In my lifetime I want to be successful in this world and travel more. The best thing anyone has ever said to me was that I am on the right path to success. My dreams are to be successful in life and have a good job, a job that I would wake up happy to be at. My dream is also to enjoy life!

Jameelah MimsJameelah Mims

DSST Cole High School

I love art, it’s my passion. I am looking forward to meeting new people that love art as much as I do, and most of all having fun. I love people who are very kind, loud and have positive vibes in themselves. Especially if someone has a great, goofy personality I would get along with them so well! My dreams are becoming a professional artist that runs an art space for teens that are in love with art. I am thrilled by coming to a place where I can do my hobby with others and be myself, nobody understands how happy I am because of this internship. The best thing anyone has ever said to me is that I’m very talented and I’m good with drawing. I love doing my magic with paper and pencils. I get so happy when people compliment my artwork. It is important that you do what your heart desires and you must have a great voice for yourself. Everyone needs to be confident about who they are and what they want to do in life, this is exactly what ArtLab does! It is overall happiness. I’m so happy to be here!