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What moves you?

Are you interested in helping high school students navigate career and educational pathways?                                 If so, we want to hear from you!



PlatteForum is seeking professionals (age 25+) from a variety of fields to serve as volunteer mentors to high school seniors and recent graduates. Our ArtLab interns are interested in a variety of careers that do and do not require postsecondary education. We are looking for caring adults who have approximately six to eight hours to give monthly to help students discern their path and take steps toward meaningful employment in their chosen career.


P1080780Read further about our ArtLab interns and the PlatteForum program.

Learn more about the volunteer mentor position by reading our volunteer mentor responsibilities and expectations below. Please note: all volunteer mentor applicants must complete criminal and sex offender background checks as administered by Good Hire, an independent background screening company.

Does this sound like you? Then we invite you to apply! Complete an application here, including providing at least two references. Complete a background check through Good Hire, an independent background screening company, who will contact you upon completion of your application.

Submit your application if you would like to mentor a high school junior or senior. All applications will be evaluated as they come in, so don’t wait to apply!

The Nitty Gritty

To provide PlatteForum ArtLab interns with social, emotional, and educational/professional support from a caring adult who has been trained by PlatteForum staff. Mentors offer guidance and encouragement aimed at developing the competence and character of their mentee/intern. Mentors can anticipate committing six to eight hours monthly to all activities related to mentoring, including one-on-one meetings, trainings, etc.
Expectations and Responsibilties
  • Meet with the assigned intern once or twice monthly starting in September/October 2016 for one or two years (depending on the age of the student)
  • Act as a resource and guide on college and/or professional opportunities after high school
  • Work closely with PlatteForum staff through phone contact, email, personal conferences and group meetings
  • Serve as an example/role model of an adult
  • Help ArtLab intern set goals and work towards accomplishing them
  • Accept and relate to youth who may not share your lifestyle and values
  • Respect the ArtLab intern’s right to self-determination and independence
  • Guide interns through provided curriculum, as appropriate
  • Attend monthly mentor check in meetings
  • Attend three mentor training meetings to explore the mentor/mentee relationship, mentoring skills, resources and expectations
  • Attend an annual kick-off event with PlatteForum staff, mentees and their families
Requirements and Qualifications
  • Active Listener
  • Willing spirit
  • Openness to cultural differences
  • Strong listening skills
  • Patience
  • Sense of humor
  • Commitment
Matching Process
Matches will be made on the basis of interests, skills, background, knowledge and temperament of both the intern and the mentor.
Benefits for Mentors
  • Training in communication skills, the role of a mentor, diversity training and youth development
  • A mutually beneficial relationship, allowing the mentor to explore their own identity
  • Greater multicultural awareness and an understanding of social inclusiveness
  • Increased skills in working with youth
  • Insight into the life of a youth and youth culture
  • The privilege of interacting with a young person open to being guided by a caring adult
  • Networking with other mentors and PlatteForum professionals
  • PlatteForum staff will provide ongoing support to mentors


Further questions? Please email our executive director, Kim Estes McCarty at kmccarty@platteforum.org