October 2015 Arts District features PlatteForum, Resident Artist Sarah Rockett and Colfax Community Network youth.


2014 On April 26th, 2014 hundreds of filmmakers, non-profit organizations, and inspired citizens documented stories about one day in the life of their city. This is part of a city-wide, participatory media-creation event that is a part of a world-wide event One Day on Earth. Filmmakers: Jim Phelan, Ron Henderson, Brock Byrd and Matt Byrd

2014 Fox News story about the Hero Lab where PlatteForum ArtLab interns mentored youth from Colfax Community Network in creating graphic novels. After a brief commercial, the story begins!

2013 InFocus with Eden Lane, Ana Penalba, PlatteForum and the Dreamers

In 2006 PlatteForum received the Mayor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts.

News 9 Segment on PlatteForum

Words are Power: ArtLab 2011

I.Am.Here. Anthem by PlatteForum’s ArtLab I.Am.Here is an original play written and performed by ArtLab interns. The Anthem is the theme song for the play that was originally composed by ArtLab interns.

Michael Gadlin + youth from the Colfax Community Network

Look around you. What do you see? Creativity! Anything and everything you may use in your day to day life was once a spark in someone’s mind, brought to life by the creative process. This montage was created by ArtLab interns in the Summer of 2010 to express the idea that ‘creativity’ is not a term only to be used in t…he art world, but rather, is a necessary component of everyday life. Creativity=Life!

“The Idea Man” follows four very different people having very different problems. From car troubles, to writers block, computer troubles to pure boredom, the Idea Man has the solution to all of life’s problems. What is it? Cr…eativity! By passing out his ‘ideas’, the Idea Man sparks a creative match inside each persons mind, allowing them to solve whatever problem they may be having, remind each that creativity is life! A film by ArtLab and filmmaker Scott Kinnamon, 2010.

Welcome to PlatteForum from Champastreetproductions on Vimeo.

This video is culled from the video installation of the same name created as part of an artistic residency at the PlatteForum gallery in Denver, CO.