We are launching our second round of talks featuring rad humans from The Temple. Hosted by PlatteForum, a regular series of presentations which present topics in art and/or social change, each one featuring BOTH a Temple resident artist paired with a local change agent. These lectures could range anywhere from the content of your artwork, to urgent social justice issues, preferable both, and how they connect. All talks are free and open to the public.

Each presenter of the duo is paid a $150 stipend for their partnership presentation and together will create one 90-minute evening event. This stipend includes compensation for your planning and setup time.

Please holler at me: Esther Hernandez ehernandez@platteforum.org to let me know if you are interested!

You can use our space for your event!

Use PlatteForum’s space for artistic endeavors not officially hosted by PlatteForum:

  • NO rental fee will be charged for your artistic endeavors! WUT?! Yep, that’s right.

  • Must be free (or very inexpensive) to the public. If you do charge an entry fee, it should only be intended to cover an expense (like paying a helper, a figure model, or cleaning fee, etc.).

  • Sign a space use contract that provides details for us to approve, as well as conditions for facility needs and safety; contact Rebecca Vaughan at rvaughan@platteforum.org for application form.

  • A refundable security deposit of $500; if the space is not returned in the same condition, we will use your deposit to cover repairs and/or cleaning and you will be restricted from any future use of the PlatteForum space.

  • Absolutely no liquor is allowed at the free public opening events.

  • After the event, report visitor attendance by county of residence (we need this for SCFD head counts).

Use PlatteForum’s space for a revenue generating endeavors, not officially hosted by PF:

  • A rental fee will be charged; please contact PlatteForum staff for rates.

  • Liquor license requirements if necessary.

  • Other requirements are same as above, except you won’t have to take attendance or give us recognition.