Vincent Comparetto

Sound Room
In Residence: May 1 – June 10, 2005
Opening Reception: May 27, 5:30 – 8:00pm
Exhibition: continues through June 10, 2005

Vincent Comparetto created a sound installation during his residency. ArtLab youth assisted in the construction and subsequent de-construction of a big, black box – a sound room measuring 12 feet square. Visitors were able to enter the box from which a “labyrinth” of illuminated hanging speakers of varying heights “whispered” mixed audio tracks. Vincent created the audio soundscapes of children’s voices that he recorded during workshops and also incorporated found audio. Additionally, Vincent created a digital animation loop from the drawings from 3 rd graders – covering car chases, bouncing landscapes and underwater adventures. His mixed-media installation was intriguing and innovative and offered the public a new form of auditory experience.

Artist Statement
My grandfather was an electrician, he repaired TVs, radios, and just about anything electronic. As a child I worked alongside my father in the garage as he restored cars. I never learned too much about cars but I learned how to use the tools. My mother was a painter. This is how my work came to be, from their influence. They supplied me with the ability to manipulate media to build certain ideas.

I have always felt my work is an exercise in problem solving, both on material and subconscious levels. If I become comfortable with a medium or a process I have to find new ways to complicate it by preparing obstacles for myself to overcome in the future. Remove these elements of chance and the process would be without progress for me. I want to make mistakes and I want to find myself questioning my motives, constantly.

Recently my work has been evolving away from it’s original visual parameters. This has a lot to do with my original process becoming so autonomous and executable. Plus the availability of certain technologies has allowed me explore these vast new areas of sound, and movement. So now with my obstacles in place my creative lease has been renewed.

Artist Bio
Vincent has been working as a designer for print, multimedia, motion graphics, set design, 3D and 2D animation for the past eleven years. He has won several awards including the Telly award for graphic work on a documentary. He has exhibited regionally on a yearly basis in numerous shows since 1994 including 9 exhibitions at Andenken Gallery and the recent exhibition (Sept-Oct 2004) at Weilworks for “Digital Movement,” an all video-based exhibition. Most recently he designed the digital elements of an interactive kiosk directed towards children for the Denver Art Museum,Retrospectacle Contemporary Art Exhibit 2003.