Vincent Comparetto + ArtLab + Remington Elementary

Sound Room
May 1 – June 10, 2005

Vincent Comparetto 
worked with the ArtLab mentoring program to construct a sound installation during his residency. ArtLab youth assisted in the construction and subsequent de-construction of a big, black box – a sound room measuring 12 feet square. Visitors were able to enter the box from which a “labyrinth” of illuminated hanging speakers of varying heights “whispered” mixed audio tracks. Vincent created the audio tracks of children’s voices by recording his workshops with 3rd grade students from Remington Elementary. These young students also created drawings for a digital animation loop – showcasing car chases, bouncing landscapes, underwater adventures and other imaginative characters and scenarios. The students were thrilled to see their drawings animated, set to music and projected on the large screen.

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