Theresa Anderson + PS1 Charter School

In Residence: September 13 – October 28, 2010 
: Opens Thursday, October 28; continues through November 12, 2010
Learning Lab: PS 1 Charter School

Theresa Anderson’s work draws from her personal biography as a starting point, creating works on ambiguously fractured story lines and contemporary visual aids, functioning as twisted social commentary from the vantage point of identity and its politics. Her focus during the residency will be on flying, incorporating its various metaphors and relational narratives. In the youth workshops with PS 1 Charter School she is working with seven inner-city teenagers in a discussion and exploration of her conceptual process that focuses on the building of relational visual and narrative metaphors concerned with the feeling of empowerment, control, and flying. Students will keep a drawing/writing journal of the working thoughts and images throughout the process as they create a body of work for the exhibition.