Teri Frame

  • Teri Frame, PlatteForum, in-process, artist residency

In Residence: June 10 – August 2, 2013
Exhibition: opens August 1; continues through August 23, 2013
Learning Lab: ArtLab

Teri Frame, trained as a ceramist, has expanded her work to integrate performance, video and collaborative activities. Themes within her work include notions of human beauty and proportion, genetics, eugenics, genetic engineering, identity and aesthetic surgery. Teri examines how notions of beauty and proportion relate to aging, disease, disability and race. “Non-normative” bodies have often been shunted from the human realm to that of the animal. Disfigurements in the form and surface of the human body are often marginalized. Those who bear such marks are estranged from public life and are often animalized. Learn more about Teri’s work at her website.

During her residency she will collaborate with ArtLab youth to create a video that directly addresses their subjective experiences concerning contemporary notions of beauty. She will also create a performance piece based upon those conversations concerning contemporary notions of beauty as represented in the media and pop culture.

About her new work, Frame states: “Alexander the Great began his march into India in 327 BCE. The video series in progress is a paraphrase of this march as described in The Medieval Romance of Alexander by Jehan Wauquelin. Like other travelers’ tales of early, middle, and late histories, The Medieval Romance of Alexander emphasizes the strangeness of strangers by disabling, animalizing, and hybridizing their bodies in written descriptions. It is my intent to visually and conceptually probe such absurdities and the attitudes that perpetuate them. In addition, I aim to link such phenomena to similar trends within the contemporary landscape.”  

Read more about Frame’s work in “Pre-human, Post-human, Inhuman” a review by Mark Nathan Stafford in Ceramics: Art and Perception International Journal (Australia). And in our blogs.

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Video/performance by Teri Frame.