Tei Kobayashi: Biennial Resident

Residency: July 1 – July 30, 2010
Exhibition: opens August 5, Riverfront Park Suites #135
Exhibition continues through August 27, 2010
A Special Biennial of the Americas Residency

Remembering the Forgotten: Sheltered Vision

Tei Kobayashi: 
I have built a shelter, a “home”. Step inside and listen to stories of being homeless, feel homelessness from within. My godson Zachary Dryden has inspired this work with the homeless.
Tei is a site-specific installation/performance artist. Born in Arizona, raised in Colorado, she now lives in Japan with her dog, cat and husband. She has spent the last year in Denver caring for her mother. Her work has been exhibited in North and South America, Africa, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, and Australia. But what about Antarctica? Stay tuned.

Special Thanks to: Mark Kling, Jim Nakamura, Glenn Williams, Barry Anderson, Paul Brooks, Adrian DeSalvo, Michael Jenkins,Terri Potter, Daniel Feldman, Adam Hillhouse, Theresa Anderson, Patricia Branstead, Stephanie Badger, Betty Wytias and Robert Sobel, Marcy Mitchell, Shena McAuliffe, Judy Anderson, and Cherlyn Johnson

Benefactor List: Deborah Jenkins, Ada & Blain Brown, David Drake, Glenn Williams, Paul Ruotolo & Jennifer Kenyon, Polina Kulik, Yoji & Tsuneyo Hasagawa, Megumi & Bruce Williams, Lynn Murata & Tony Tsang, Scotty Wright, Pamela Bullard, Birgitte Olsen, Betty Wytias & Robert Sobel, Charles & Anna Scilli, Madhav Apte

Photos by Efrain Cruz

TRIOLET FOR TEIAll of our houses have the same face,

so I gave mine a large nose.

Which I think makes it look a bit out of place

among all of these houses that share the same face.

Better that, though, than to blend without trace.

To become anonymous is to be eaten by bozos.

All of our houses have the same face,

so I gave mine a large nose.

~ J Diego Frey – August 4th, 2010