Sonja Hinrichsen + Learning Lab for Educators

PlatteForum June 30 – July 30, 2008
45 Hours/ 3 Credits (certificate and/or graduate credit)
Exhibition: Opens July 31 and continues through August 21, 2009

How do we experience history through place?

This Learning Lab for Educators involved Creative Resident Sonja Hinrichsen and three teachers/artists who participated in the creative process from inception to completion. Hinrichsen collaborated with students to create a mixed-media installation titledReflections. Using Denver and its history as starting point, students explored history, specific figures, city architecture, demographics, and much more, selecting one specific as their focus through mapping and exploring as well as traditional research. Each protocoled their observations and thoughts, sketch/drew, took photos, video and record sounds, interviewed people and researched in various libraries. The work included historical readings, looking at old photos, early city maps, old newspapers, journals, and other documents. Hinrichsen used trains and Denver’s weather patterns as a framework for the installation.  She incorporated video, sound, and narrative “Reflections” on Denver history, encounters between Native Americans and early settlers. Sarah Chung, Joseph Davidson and Erica Ristig created work for the installation that mapped the city and reflected on neighborhood history, architecture, women’s roles in Denver’s past and present and the frontier experience.
Artist Statements: Reflections
Lesson Plans: Audio Diary
Lesson Plans: Mapping the School Grounds & Women Through Denver’s History

Joseph Davidson, Highland Stories
Sarah Chung, Gravity of Memory
Erica Ristig, Whispered Voices

This is the second Learning Lab for Educators modeled after the successful 2008 Learning Lab for Educators with Creative Resident Julia Karll.

Course Objectives
•    Teach teachers new models for arts integration in their classes
•    One-of-a-kind workshop for teachers that encompasses the entire creative process from ideation to presentation
•    Develop a new body of work with established artist
•    Exhibit as a professional artist in a recognized arts venue in Downtown Denver
•    Develop lessons plans that can be integrated into their classrooms
•    Develop assessment/rubric
•    Exhibit student work based on their lesson plans in 2010 at PlatteForum