Sarah Rockett + Colfax Community Network (CCN)

In Residence: March 23 – May 16, 2015
Exhibition Opens: Friday, May 15, 5:30 – 8pm
Exhibition Continues Through June 5
Learning Lab: Colfax Community Network (CCN)

About the Learning Lab
During this Learning Lab Sarah Rockett will lead youth from Colfax Community Network in confronting and exploring their inner creature. Much of Rockett’s practice is about connecting with others through shared human experience. The idea of collective vs. individual identity will be the starting point for her work with youth. The youth of CCN will render their creatures on paper and transform their drawings to stuffed works. These forms will mirror the playful nature of Rockett’s work.
About Colfax Community Network
CCN is a partner we have had the opportunity to work with many times over the past few years. Everyday they see everyday that children who grow up in poverty face tremendous odds. Long before they’ve made one decision on their own, they are surrounded by all kinds of negativity – hunger, neglect, harassment, abuse, crime, and addiction. CCN believes that without the intervention of a concerned and hopeful community, these children and their families are likely to stay trapped in a cycle of poverty. They believe a changed life can start with even one individual taking notice and then acting. It is the mission of Colfax Community Network (CCN) to advocate for and work on behalf of families and children residing in low-income transient housing (primarily residential motels) along Colfax Avenue. By providing information, services, and programs, they strengthen and improve family and community life.

About the Artist: Sarah Rockett
Sarah Rockett is a mixed media artist whose current work investigates the fear, phobias and social anxieties that all-too-often color our perceptions of the “Other.” Through her recent investigations of fear, she has become particularly enthralled with the notions of fallacy and abjection in relation to our fears of others. Her desire is to push the juxtaposition of material and form to begin the process of eliminating social phobias. Her current studio exploration involves creating uncomfortable intestinal forms with patterned fabric and soft stuffing. She sees this direction as a new world of possibilities, that she will explore at PlatteForum. Her goals while in residence are twofold: to explore and understand a new repertoire of visual language; and to devise a system of human connection through exposing social phobias.
Rockett received her MFA in Drawing at CSU Fort Collins and BFA in Studio Art from the University of New Mexico. Currently an Affiliate Instructor at Metro State University of Denver, she has exhibited her work throughout the country.


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