Sarah Fulton + Cole Middle School + Higher Ground Youth Challenge

“Junk Jam”
August 22 – 30, 2003

The August 30th performance of “Junk Jam” was the culmination of the collaboration between Creative Resident and music therapist Sarah Fulton and kids from Cole Middle School and Higher Ground Youth Challenge. In the August 23rd workshop, Sarah and found object artist Bruce Kennedy worked with the kids in creating musical instruments out of junk. Such items as ladders, trashcans, bike parts, car parts, pails, PVC pipe and toilet lids, were pounded, nailed and forged together to create the instruments. The purpose of Sarah’s residency was to teach the kids that beautiful, exciting and worthwhile experiences can be created out of seemingly ugly and useless things.

Sarah works with Music Therapy International as the country director in Kenya. She leaves for Nairobi soon to serve as the Director of Music Therapy at the Mother Theresa Home for abandoned children with HIV/AIDS. An “arts pals” relationship will be developed between the youth in Denver and in Kenya. Stay tuned to our website for further developments about Sarah’s stay in Africa.

Local filmmaker Donnie L. Betts was on hand to document the workshop and “Junk Jam” itself. He will be traveling to Africa to follow Sarah’s adventure, and to make a documentary film focusing on the healing power of music.

“Junk Jam” was loud, exuberant, cathartic and big fun for all. At the end of the event, in wandered a gentleman curious about the instruments. He introduced himself as being one of the set designers for Silver City, the new John Sayles movie being shot in Colorado. They had been looking for wacky stuff for one of their scenes, and we were thrilled to be able to donate all the instruments and leftover junk to the crew. Watch for the instruments in Darryl Hannah’s backyard in the movie!