Rachel Kauff

Rachel Kauff, Iowa
Residency Dates: January 25 – March 1, 2018

Opening Reception 6-8pm, Thursday, March 1
Sculptor, Rachel Kauff works with hand tools, wood and materials that seek to disrupt assumptions and challenge institutional oppression. Rachel will re-make tools and implements with Denver-area youth to obstruct the assumption of agency and unsettle dominant historical narratives.

About Rachel Kauff
Rachel Kauff is a visual artist working in print media, sculpture, and installation. She was the 2014 Iowa Arts Fellow, a 2012 intern-in-residence at the Women’s Studio Workshop and a 2010 Gordon Arts Fellow. She is an MFA candidate in printmaking and sculpture at the University of Iowa.

“Diderot’s Encyclopedia of the Trades, an Enlightenment project that sought to catalog in exhaustive detail all the machinery, tools, and processes involved in Western industries gave its 18th century subscribers access to images of skilled labor as a representation of human knowledge. Though most readers would have had little or no experience of the tools and techniques described, the Encyclopedié offered an imaginative window into the world of human capabilities, radically situating empirical knowledge against authority of the church.

For my time with PlatteForum, I would like to use Diderot’s idea that the Encyclopedia of the Trades would “change the way people think” as well as the (perhaps contradictory) way Diderot’s images tend to mystify the contemporary reader unfamiliar with 18th century equipment to re-imagine ideas of use, agency, and society through art.”

To learn more about Rachel Kauff’s work, click HERE.