Patricia Tinajero

Landscraps and Scrap-Escape
Recycled material installation
In Residence: September 27 – November 24, 2004
Opening Reception: November 5, 5:30 – 8:00 pm
Exhibition: continues through November 24, 2004

Artist Statement
I am an installation artist and like to promote art and visual culture as agents of change through aesthetic practice. I was born next to an imaginary line, Parallel 0°0’0”, which gives my homeland its name, Ecuador. Inspired by human interaction and cultural dialogue, my work questions the feelings of alienation and confusion and how perception alters our senses of place. Collaboration is a critical component in my creative process; it challenges the paradigm of the isolated artist and establishes dialogue between the artists, the subjects, and the audience. In my installations, I use distorted proportion and different scales that combine with patterns and repetition, then change notions of perception. My sculptures and installations have rich color and a variety of textures obtained through the use of different mixed media sculptural techniques and a multiplicity of materials.

During my residency I will be creating a site-specific installation titled Landscraps and Scrap-Escape – a series of small, medium and large scale “sculptural objects made with scraps, leftover and recycled materials. The sculptural objects will reference the body in proportion and size, what we wear and where we live. The objects work as fragments of a whole: they are evidence of what they were before, while suggesting alternatives to their lifecycle. The work examines issues of environmental concerns and recycling. Youth in her Learning Labs will work with off-loom weaving techniques and 3D sculptural approach that will be integrated into the large installation.

Artist Bio
Patrica is a dual citizen of Ecuador and Boulder, CO. She has exhibited Internationally, including Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, France and Iceland, and has received numerous awards including 1st Place at 2003 Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver 10+10 Colorado Biennale for her installation entitled “Virga”. She has completed several artist residencies, most recently at the Sculpture Space in Utica New York. Several of her projects have been supported by grants, most notably for work on “Carry On: Homeless Project” 2002-2004 supported, in part, by Boulder Arts Commission, and Arts Alive. She has an upcoming exhibit this October 2004 in Boston at Studio Soto as a continuation of the “Carry On: Homeless Project.”
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