Patricia Tinajero + Denver Arts and Technology Academy

Landscraps and Scrap-Escape
September 27 – November 24, 2004

Patricia Tinajero worked with an enthusiastic group of 5th grade students from Denver Arts and Technology Academy (DPS Charter School). The focus of this workshop series was utilizing recycled and found objects and materials to create new art works. Students created their own “canvases” for painting self-portraits by weaving newspaper and binding the edges with duct tape for a rhythmic surface. The youth also created conceptual artworks from “mystery bags” containing a wide variety of materials such as wire, foam, washers, popsicle sticks, toothpicks, aluminum foil, straws, carpet padding, discarded CD discs and origami papers. Patricia built a loom and the students all wove strands of VHS tape to create a blanket. All students learned that “new lives” can be given to materials and objects by creating artworks that keep such items from ending up in landfills.