Michael Gadlin

In Residence: November 9 – December 18, 2009
Exhibition: opens December 17, continues through January 8, 2010
Learning Lab for Youth: Colfax Community Network

Essence & Elements

Typified by arresting powers of visual imagery and spatial sophistication, Michael Gadlin’s artistry is an increasingly recognized phenomenon in the art world.  Rimmed in spontaneity, his 15-year repertoire expresses a singular uninterrupted brush stroke of Mediterranean, European and Western influences.  Pushing the boundaries of contemporary art form, Michael’s work epitomizes avant-garde.  From his early years of surrealistic impressionism until now, Michael’s work reflects an improvisational inventiveness.  Exhibiting in select galleries and museums nationwide, Michael has been commissioned by governments, Fortune 500 corporations and private collectors.

For Michael the process is about discovering and uncovering.  “Elements” and “Essence” are an ongoing subject for him where he expresses relationship between them throughout his work.  Michael says, “The works I create are a direct reflection of my inspiration toward the Elements and Essences of nature, which offer me an aesthetic observation and study for visual content that offers relevance.”  The “Elements” in many of Michael’s work often examines a more minimal and more refined solution feel to his usual complexity in his larger works.

Born in Denver, Colorado, Michael Gadlin has been exhibiting work throughout the United States for over 15 years. As a very young artist, Gadlin studied drawing and painting at the Art Students League of Denver, where he is currently instructing other artists.  After earning some of his tuition money from the sales of pastel and charcoal drawings while in high school, Gadlin then studied at the prestigious Pratt Institute in New York.  After moving back west to Colorado, In 1999 Gadlin was the youngest artist ever to be awarded “Best Of Show” at Denver’s nationally renowned Cherry Creek Arts Festival. Gadlin says, “ He just wants to have some fun, however, this stuff is hard work!”

Photos by Max Osbourn