Michael Ensminger

Tower Of Babel
In Residence: April 9 – May 18, 2007
Opening Reception: May 17
Exhibition: continues through June 2, 2007 

Creative Resident Michael Ensminger celebrated his six-week residency at PlatteForum with a sprawling, site-specific installation comprised of thousands of Lincoln Logs created with the help of Learning Labs students from Colfax Community Network and ArtLab teens as well as members from the community.

Michael is a professional photographer, actor and performance artist. His art primarily involves staged photography, creating tableaus that resonate with humor and pathos, and involving an element of socio-political content. His is currently creating a multi-part body of work involving the use of tens of thousands of Lincoln Logs. These are used in installation and photographic tableaus, both indoors and outdoors. During his residency at PlatteForum created a sculptural Tower of Babel installation made entirely from Lincoln Logs. Working side-by-side with 6 teens from Colfax Community Network and 15 teens from ArtLab, they created the surrounding sprawl and tower that fills the gallery. The project responds to the story of Babel and ideas about progression and expansion; the constructions spread throughout the gallery, leading up towards the spiraling, chaotic urban center whose competing towers vie for dominance in the skyline. Lincoln Logs deal with the American West, (its conquest and consumption), as well as American history as a whole – touching on subjects such as imperialism, environmental destruction, and the intermingling of religion and commerce. Hundreds of people flocked to the installation that became one of our most popular events.

Michael’s work has been exhibited at museums and galleries in Colorado, New York and Tokyo. A special thanks to Dalin Gomez, Grand Exalted Pooh-Bah of the Logs. The next iteration of his series is an upcoming installation at Ironton Gallery in Denver.www.michaelensminger.com