Michael Ensminger + Colfax Community Network + ArtLab

Tower of Babel
April 9 – May 18, 2007

It was a wild and crazy adventure as teens from Colfax Community Network and ArtLab assisted Michael Ensminger in creating the gianormous Tower of Babelinstallation. After learning about the story of the Tower of Babel, Michael and youth took over every available inch of space at PlatteForum as they experimented with building types in anticipation of constructing the final installation. Michael, Calah and Embassie made a guest appearance on Channel 9’s Colorado & Company, talking about the project and encouraging people to donate Lincoln Logs. Additional troops participated throughout the process at special Community Nights and evenings when Michael worked late in the studio. The resulting installation was a grand capstone of our four years at Suite 125, as PlatteForum moved around the corner to it’s large new home at Suite 135 in Riverfront Park.

“Some of the most rewarding moments for me came when an ArtLab kid would give me a thumbs up, or, when at the opening of the show, the girls I had been working with were greeting and working the room, enthusiastically explaining the work to visitors. It was there that I felt the best of what PlatteForum has to offer shone…kids, who under other circumstances might not visit a gallery or an art museum, being involved directly in the creative process, and being respected and validated and put in a position of responsibility and trust.” –Michael Ensminger


Colfax Community Network
Shannon Salazar, Family Support & Outreach Coordinator
Hannah Snow, Calah Snow, Rebeka Doss, E-Shaw Jackson, Embassie Jackson, Naomi Glao
with support from
Efrem Belay, Neela Haverstick, Candace Hoffman, Lilli Hokama, Embassie Jackson, Thomas López, Jonathan Moo, Eddie Orozco, Asia Padilla, Calah Snow, Ruben Villalobos, Jasmine Naranjo, Sarah Sealy, Irving Carillo

Lincoln Log Round up
Christine Garcia; John Mathews; Steven, Beth & Oliver Moyski; Cindy Rossi-Rundle

Community Night Artists
Steve, Beth & Oliver Moyski, Jane Potts, Judy & Spence Gordon, Jamie Schiel, Meagan Brncick, Erin& Stella & Patrick Krueger-Trap, Mary Houlehan, Sheryl & Chaz Kraizer, Kate & Max & Ben Brainerd, Jeffrey Hirschfeld, Dana Miller, Joey Porcelli, Bruce Fowler, AJ, Alex & Noah, Alexander, Chandler, Charlie, Jacob, Katrina, Noah, Ryne, Sam & Joe, and Savanna.

Art Volunteers
Dalin Gomez, Elizabeth Faulhaber, Eric & Fenn Zimmer, Kellee Corti, Matt Jaramillo, and Jeffrey Hirschfeld

Special thanks to:
Anne Dodge, PlatteForum Intern; Heide’s Brooklyn Deli; Karen Eilene Saenz, WINEGURUevents.com; Denver Film SocietyKaren & Ivar Zeile; Izze Beverage; Christian VanMinnen; PlatteForum’s Board of Directors
and Friends of PlatteForum