Melissa Borrell

In Residence: September 3 – October 19, 2012
Exhibition: Opens October 16, 2012; continues through October 31
Learning Lab: Joan Farley Academy at Third Way Center

multiplied forms in space
Melissa Borrell + Joan Farley Academy

Creative Resident Melissa Borrell has transformed the gallery into a twisting, floating, undulating world, inhabited by a series of sculptural installations. An experienced jewelry designer, Melissa shifts gears in tessellate, to create large-scale environmental works that transform two-dimensional materials into complex three-dimensional forms that hover and spill throughout the space. Melissa has spent the last 15 years concentrated in the realm of jewelry design. At the core of her work is the idea of interaction, transformation and kinetics. Her background in jewelry and light metals makes her well suited to transforming PlatteForum’s unique space with sculptural pieces that incorporate shadow and light, surrounding the viewer with ever changing vistas. In Learning Labs with teens from the Joan Farley Academy at the Third Way Center, she inspired the youth to create a collaborative large-scale paper installation bursting with color from the walls, ceiling and floor. Titled “Cave of Fascinations,” the work incorporates folding and cutting techniques learned from their workshops with Melissa, creating a joyous installation. A special thanks to International Paper for supplying the material for the workshops and Coca-Cola, Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill, and Whole Foods Cherry Creek for sponsoring the opening reception.

OPENING RECEPTION: Tuesday, October 16, 2012, 5:30 – 8:00 pm
EXHIBITION:  continues through October 31, 2012
Tuesday-Saturday, noon – 4:00 pm or by appointment, 303.893.079