Maria Molteni

Maria Molteni, MA | sculpture, murals, installations
Residency dates: January 22 – March 7, 2019
Reception: Thursday, March 7th

“In the past I’ve created several participatory, nomadic projects staged in hand made pneumatic sculptures. *Festooning the Inflatable Beehive, for example, is a 12ft x 16ft architecturally sound room modeled after the traditional skep beehive that served as a site for workshops, storytelling, reading circles, etc about social/community dynamics and honeybees. I enjoy the challenge and magic of creating inflatables, but rarely have the space to lay out fabric and play with unconventional shapes and structures. I’ve been wanting to create such works in a more organic, even loose, way- similar to my process for paintings and drawing. The space at PlatteForum seems ideal for the expansion and contraction of materials and ideas, so I’m hoping to explore multimedia works that incorporate screen printing, drawing, painting and textile. I looking forward to breaking open my practice and building trust in my intuition and approach to studio experimentation.”

(*Festooning the Inflatable Beehive was created in collaboration with Colette Aliman)

About the Artist
Maria Molteni is a Boston-based multimedia artist, educator and organizer, originally from Nashville, TN. Having completed rigorous studies in drawing, painting and printmaking, her practice sprung from roots in observation and formalism. It has grown to incorporate performance, research, collaboration and social engagement. While interested in post-industrial popular culture, she remains critical of a polarized society that promotes consumerism and spectatorship over participation. Molteni enjoys problem solving via traditional methods of production, introducing radical or absurdist designs as unifying, aesthetic solutions. She also takes interest in standardized systems that influence ritual in everyday functionality. From fiber to found-object sculpture, movement to publication, she employs tactile and tactical processes to explore contemporary art, craft, urban planning, sport, feminism, and spiritualism. In recent works, she playfully imagines being a PE coach at Black Mountain College.

Using grassroots & DIY creative projects as tools, Molteni’s work has been replicated internationally by organizers and educators alike. In the last 2 years she’s worked with over 200 youth & teens from 12 Boston neighborhoods as an Artist in Residence for the MFA Boston & the City of Boston. Together they realized elaborate museum & public installations that address social justice in the context of community basketball and the global textile industry. The New Craft Artists in Action collective, which she found in 2010, was invited to share their work with the Congressional Maker Caucus on Capitol Hill in 2016. This past summer they traveled to Croatia to collaborate with Queer Sport, Split. Molteni has completed Fellowships at Vermont Studio Center (Johnson, VT), Elsewhere Living Museum (Greensboro, NC), Zamboanga Hace (Philippines), Mildred’s Lane (Beach Lake, PA), PS1 MoMA Studios (LIC, NY), the Berwick Research Institute’s Bumpkin Island Art Encampment (Boston Harbor, MA), and sübSamsøn (Boston, MA). She has exhibited in many local and regional spaces- such as Space Gallery, Grin Gallery, Harvard’s Carpenter Center for Visual Arts, Fuller Craft Museum, ICA Boston- as well as nationally and internationally- at NGBK Gallery (Berlin), Global Committee (Brooklyn), The Residential (Des Moines), Université Laval (Québec City), Otis College of Art and Design (LA, CA), Center for Craft, Creativity and Design (Asheville, NC), Utah MOCA (SLC), Museum of Design (Atlanta), and the Mattress Factory (Pittsburgh, PA).

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