Kyle Peets

  • THE BIG GAME, one-night performance July 27th 6pm

  • Wood, drywall, steel, paint, fans; 15′ x 11′ x 11′

  • I went shopping at Walmart for an assortment of products that make noise. I then staged a 15 minute concert for the “performers,” complete with laser lights and a fog machine, an amplified paper shredder, air purifier, air-conditioning unit, and electric razor. The event included a merchandise table with screen printed posters, t-shirts and even the Blender’s solo album (which is very good). I recorded the concert and then slipped a CD of the performance back into the original packaging of the products and returned them to Walmart. The CD became historical evidence of the “performers” brief yet exciting vacation from their shelves.

Kyle Peets, Performance and Conceptual Installation, Ashland, OR 
In Residence: June 5th – July 27th, 2017
Thursday, July 27th, 6PM Pre-game activities | 6:30 Kick-Off!
Location: PlatteForum, 2400 Curtis St, Denver 80205

THE BIG GAME is a collaborative performance created from a fictional premise: it’s the year 2117 and the world has all but been destroyed by capitalist-fed greed and violence. Kyle Peets and the ArtLab interns belong to a group of activists who have recently discovered an underground repository of athletic gear as well as a tattered book on the history of sports. Obligated by a sense of duty to the new world, this team re-introduces their findings to our frail culture by inventing a new sport. In this new sport, it is the activist-athletes who work to take a stand against inequality and oppression. THE BIG GAME, at 6pm on July 27th, will be the performance of this new sport accompanied by all the accoutrements of a good spectacle; loud music, show lighting, food vendors, merchandise tables and screaming die-hard fans.

During the summer-long session to create THE BIG GAME, Kyle Peets and the ArtLab interns created a companion exhibition called, TRAINING CAMP, which serves as a functional gym, library, zine factory, think tank, and empathy center to train our minds and bodies for THE BIG GAME. TRAINING CAMP is currently on display to the public through July 27 at PlatteForum, 2400 Curtis St, and serves as a sneak peek to the main event.


Kyle Peets’ PlatteForum residency began June 5, 2017 and will run through the end of July. A performance and conceptual installation artist from Ashland, Oregon, Peets’ work is centered on the narratives we create to cope when feeling small in the face of things that are bigger than us, with the assumption that in many cases our narratives are implicated in some type of belief system that informs the way we move through the world. Peets uses mischief and the uncanny to tilt those systems of knowledge, and poke holes in their logic to reveal the fragility of these systems and how breaking them can allow us to re-imagine our place in the world.


THE BIG GAME will be held for one night only on Thursday, July 27. Doors open and pre-game activities at 6pm, Kick-off at 6:30pm at PlatteForum, 2400 Curtis St. This immersive experience will be free and open to the public, and is supported through a generous partnership with OZ Architecture.