Kwende “Memetic” Kefentse & Ian “Pho” Swain

In Residence: January 14 – March 8, 2013
Exhibition/Performance: March 7, 2013
Learning Lab: ArtLab

*New!* DJ Memetic & DJ Pho’s work from their PlatteForum residency + ArtLab songs. Listen here!

Kwende “Memetic” Kefentse is the DJ and host of TimeKode, one of Ottawa’s most respected and longstanding music and dancing parties. Ian “Pho” Swain is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and one-half of the acclaimed Toronto indie dancehall soul Bonjay. Together they have been collaborating on a beat-oriented project called Brothers. Initially they are producing beats for a mixtape, which will be developed to producing original songs with rappers and singers and eventually a live show that is a hybrid of live performance and DJing. Living in different cities, they have rarely had enough time together to realize their ideas. Their residency at PlatteForum gives then the dedicated time together to complete a musical project at the intersection of beat production and live performance. After spending days to explore new working methods for the collaboration, they’ll then create two beats per day, one in the morning and done in the afternoon. They will then take the best of the beats and arrange them into full-on songs with intros, bridges, b-parts, etc. The culmination of the collaboration will be a live performance of the best songs as a duo.

Check out tracks by DJ Memetic here:
and tracks by DJ Pho here:

During the residency they will work with ArtLab teensintroducing them to basic software and MIDI controllers that will give them the tools to learn further on their own. Beyond the music production skills, the artists understand that for many youth, the creative and life skills they impart can make a significant impact each teen’s life.

Special Thank you to the following sponsors and contributors who made this Learning Lab possible: Canadian Consulate, John and Tammy Cox, Twist and Shout, and Wax Trax.