Kwantaeck Park + ArtLab

Residency date(s): January 6 – February 27, 2014
Exhibition: Opens Thursday, February 27 through March 15, 2014
Learning Lab: ArtLab

A Sculpture Workshop for Overcoming Frustrations, read youth artist statements

A primary objective of Learning Labs is to nurture the students in their development of artwork, both in process and practice. Exploring the age-old question of “what is art?”, ArtLab interns will explore their understanding of art and discover news ways of thinking about what art is and can be in the ever changing global and technological world they live in.  Current artist in resident Kwantaeck Park will lend his expertise and guide the youth throughout this process. The explorations will incorporate games, demos, and lectures as they investigate contemporary conceptual artists. Through this process an emphasis will be placed on the process of creating a piece of work, how to move from a question to a solution using only the materials presently available. The common thread throughout this Learning Lab will be overcoming frustration. Frustrations can range in seriousness and approached with a light-hearted response or deep reflection. Interns will use the skill set and knowledge presented to them by Kwantaeck to both identify a frustration and develop creative responses. This process parallels that of Park’s, as many of his pieces are created in response to a frustration in his life.



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