Katie Taft + Mapleton Expeditionary School of the Arts + Adams County Connections

October 29 – January 2, 2008

Students in Katie Taft’s Learning Labs collaborated with her to create human-scale sculptures that filled the gallery, creating a surreal environment inhabited by imaginary friends. She had the students think about people in their lives and research myth, folklore, and fairy tales. Taft believes that creativity is the single most important tool for any person, of any age, position or place in life; it is what keeps us moving through good times and bad, in work and in play.Two groups of youth participated with Katie in weekly workshops: Erica Wernsmann and students fromMapleton Expeditionary School of the Arts; Megan Brncick & Dusty Teng and youth from Adams County Connectionsa program of Peer Assistance Services, Inc.

Sponsored in part by
El Puente Foundation, White Dog Gifts/Karen Shook, Riverfront Park Community Foundation SCFD Tier III, Friends of PlatteForum

Adams County Connections, a program of Peer Assistance Services, Inc.
Natalie Ordonez-Campbell, Megan Brncick, Dusty Teng – Staff
Paige Merrigan, Cori Stott – Mentors
Students: Maria, Elizabeth, Cristina, Angela, Brittany, Charity, Jesseniah

Mapleton Expeditionary School of the Arts
Erica Wernsmann – Teacher
Students: Theo, Victor, Adiel