Kate Speer

  • Video still from 2014 performance

Kate Speer, Dance, Denver, CO
In Residence: March 20th – May 20th, 2017
Thursday, May 11th, doors open 6pm, performance at 6:30
Friday, May 19th, doors open 7pm, performance at 7:30
Saturday, May 20th, doors open 7pm, performance at 7:30

During her time at PlatteForum, Kate Speer will work with students from the Colorado I Have A Dream Ruby Hill Strive Prep program to investigate concepts of Denver’s neighborhood segregation and gentrification. This work will culminate in three nights of performance.

“For PlatteForum’s residency program, I am proposing the development of a new performance work, “Borderlandia” (working title). I am struck by the clear racial and ethnic segregations between neighborhoods: the black neighborhood of Five Points versus the Latino neighborhood of West Colfax. From these observations, the following questions arise: How do spaces become racialized? How are borders (even the invisible ones) enforced? And what can citizens of Denver do to develop better equity and culturally responsiveness within these neighborhoods? With these questions as a framework for exploration, I intend to create an intimate, immersive performance experience that unearths some answers to Denver’s segregation and gentrification.”