Kate Petley + America SCORES – Valdez Elementary

Sky Tent
March 3 – March 28, 2008

Kate Petley worked intensely with America SCORES – Valdez Elementary 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade girls to create the installation Sky Tent. This piece builds upon the familiar structure of a kid’s fort to interpret their ideas about the sky. Using transparency, the students experimented with form, painting, and poetry in this collaborative piece. Ten art education seniors from Metro State College of Denver assisted in the workshops.

“I have never seen the girls this attentive. They never got off task, looked forward to going, and talked continually about what they did in the workshop in the van-ride home.” Pate Vera, America SCORES

Sky Poem, by Getssemany
Invisible I saw the sky in my heart
it seemed it never was invented but
till I opened my eyes and saw the
beauty I had never seen, the clear sky
was so many colors in my eyes that
I got lost.

America SCORES
Pat Vera, teacher & coordinator; Susan Scarlata, Deputy Director; Sarah Fallik, assistant

Valdez Elementary
Carlen, Angelica, Jessica, Iris, Yessenia, Ana, Vanessa, Maria, Annet, Esmeralda, Yazmin, Getssemany, Sheyla,, Kimberly

Metro State University
Rachael Delaney, professor, Jacqueline Montoya, April Mullinix, Diane Porché, Tammy Urich, Pilar Heslin, Kathleen Booton, Brooke Baker, Emmy Wood, Kristen White, Jessie Morvay

PlatteForum Intern: Terese Coco

Volunteers : Mark Purvis, Henry Hernandez, Margaret Costello, Mindy Bray, Brandi Wilkinson, Meredith Smith, Gretchen Calhoun, Susan Vaho, Jamie Vazquez, Rebecah Ziegler, Kate Kaplan, Steve Chucovich, Wendi Harford

Opening Reception supported by:
8Rivers Restaurant; Karen Eilene Saenz/Your Beverage Meister; Oogies Snacks; Izze Beverage