Jerry Vigil

“Dia de los Muertos”
 In Residence: October 6 – November 2, 2003
Opening Reception: November 2, 3:00 – 5:00pm 

Jerry Vigil is a member of the growing community of Colorado based “Santero” artists who create religious folk art, commonly known as “santos.” Having lived all over the U.S. and the world, Mr. Vigil returned to his native Denver in 1997. In early 1998, he began showing his work at exhibits and festivals throughout Colorado. His work has been shown in the Regis University’s O’Sullivan Gallery, the Loveland Museum and Gallery, Mari Michener Gallery at the University of Northern Colorado, the Colorado State Fair, the Pirate Gallery and the Chicano Humanities and Arts Council in Denver. His work has been featured in several articles on contemporary Chicano arts and artists in sources such as Denver’s 5280 Magazine and Westword.

A self-taught Santero and artist, Jerry is committed to serving Colorado’s Chicano community and preserving Chicano/Latino culture through art. Although he employs both traditional and contemporary materials in his pieces, he maintains the utmost respect for the Santos style.

Residency Description
The goal of this residency is to share through art a cultural understanding of the celebration of the Day of The Dead, to teach teamwork and problem solving in the creation of the team projects, to emphasize responsibility, and to appreciate how the arts are central to concepts of culture.

Mr. Vigil’s residency will consist of leading a Learning Lab by creating artistic elements in preparation for a Day of The Dead (Dia de Los Muertos) celebration. He will create a body of his “Muertos” art, which are carved wood and clay pieces. High schools that wish to participate will submit a team of up to 10 students who will be assigned to create a group project piece such as an altar, oferandas, calavera puppets, clay work, etc. In addition, each student will be charge with creating a piece on their own of their own design.