Hollis and Lana + Colorado I Have a Dream Foundation

In Residence: October 29 – December 13, 2012
Exhibition: Opens December 13; continues through January 4, 2013
Learning Lab: Colorado I Have a Dream Foundation

Together, Hollis+Lana focus on expanding the reality of perceptual possibility. Originally working independently in a variety of materials (from iron and bronze to graphite and paint) and subject matter, they have now coalesced to become one unified artistic voice. While in residence they will begin creating reflective plastic work conceived in the virtual world, and then translate those works into a large series of sculptures. They will be working with a group of kids from the Colorado I have a Dream Foundation, an award-winning, long-term dropout prevention program for youth from disadvantaged communities in the metro Denver area. Each cohort of students (called “dreamers”) receives year-round programming over 10 years and is supported by a program team dedicated to their success. In 2008, Martha Records and Rich Rainaldi adopted the entire third grade class from Valdez Elementary School to become the Records-Rainaldi Class of 2018. Today, the 42 dreamers of the Records-Rainaldi Class are in 7th grade at West Denver Preparatory Charter School, Skinner Middle School, and other middle schools in the metro Denver area. They participate in a variety of activities in their classrooms throughout the day as well as during after school and summer programs. The dreamers receive homework help, tutoring, small group activities, life skills activities, field trips, and service-learning activities in addition to cultural, social, recreational, and enrichment activities. The Records-Rainaldi dreamers are 100% Latino/a and 95% are eligible for free/reduced lunch. Dusty Teng is the program director for this class. This Learning Lab is also receiving additional support from PlatteForum’s ArtLab students who have taken on the role of mentors to the dreamers. They will be working along side the artists to encourage the dreamers to take artistic risks and express themselves in new ways.

This Learning Lab series is sponsored by Gavin Sher. Thank you Gavin!

Lindy Hargraves, Jacque Morse, Allison Brown, Ingrid Porter, Kae Tarpley, Sarah Baca, Iiana VandeWater, Lisa Kelly