Helen Farmer + Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver

Happy Fluffy Kitty Bunny
September 11 – October 20, 2006

“A little bit of sewing, a little bit of effort, it all comes out to be a great piece of work!” –Jessica, 13

During Helen Farmer’s residency, the artist worked with youth from the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver, William E. Cope and Owen Branches where Cultural Arts Directors Adrianna Santiago and George Patterson helped oversee and guide the students as they worked with Ms. Farmer. After researching animals in art history and ephemera, students drew imaginary animals and experimented with printing on paper and fabric. These were transformed into three-dimensional soft sculptures that were integrated into the installation. Each Branch of Boys & Girls Club youth worked with Helen during thirteen workshops at PlatteForum and their clubs. Helen also did a special afternoon workshop with youth from Colfax Community Network at PlatteForum. During her residency, PlatteForum was filled with fuzzy materials, printing plates, thread and children. Please enjoy the images below of the youth, photographed by artistAdrianna Santiago.

A special thanks to: Open Press, Denver and Red Delicious Press, Aurora for letting Ms. Farmer use their presses; Jennifer Jorgensen who hosted the artist during her residency; Rich Salturelli and David Minty at CityGrille for catering the reception; and Karen Saenz at Little Raven Vineyards for creating the wine event for the evening; and volunteers Emily Potts, Mindy Bray, Tonia Bonnell, Sahra Hall, Mark Kling, Carolyn Stein, Connie Robertson and Dana Miller.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver
Cope Branch
Staff: Adrianna Santiago, Cultural Arts Director; Dan Ruyval, Director
Youth: Susan, Moises, Michael, Omar, Dekota, Jarrae, Regina, Amadaeo, Kalie

Owen Branch
Staff: George Patterson, Cultural Arts Director
Youth: Viviana, Jessica, Sharon, Julissa, Adamaris, Cinthia, Maria, Guicela, Jessica, Delsy, Irma, Sandra

Photo Essay © Adrianna Santiago 2006