Esther Hernandez

Esther Hernandez, CO | performance

Residency dates: September 4 – October 25, 2018
Participatory Performance: 6-8PM, Thursday, October 25th

While in residence at PlatteForum, Resident Artist Esther Hernandez has been working with PlatteForum’s own high school ArtLab interns, to create a multi-media installation, which explores the importance of mental space, creativity and boredom, and the centering of youth voice. Offering an interactive experience, visitors will also view a series of living portraits, created with silicone and mycelium (mushrooms).

“Making Time” encourages audience members to temporarily abandon their cell phones to a slow locomotive toy train, which in turn allows for the surrendering to “boredom” while exploring the inner workings of their imagination through guided imagery or perhaps a boring lecture. Hernandez and the ArtLab interns ask a central question of our current daily culture, “What happens when you make time to discover what’s going on inside the liminal spaces and subconscious crevices of your mind?”

“Making Time” is free of charge and open to the public. For PlatteForum gallery hours more information, visit


Esther Hernandez is a self-taught interdisciplinary artist and recent resident at Redline. She explores love, connection, social norms, ritual and play through a variety of mediums in hopes that confrontation, self-examination and intimacy can be analyzed. In her residency through PlatteForum, she will explore and experiment with a series of living, moving portraits, containing growing mycelium and steam which will be documented via time lapse, video and stop motion.

Our Resident Artist program is generously supported by OZ Architecture