Dawn Williams Boyd + Colfax Community Network

Me, Myself and I 
April 14 – May 22, 2008 

Dawn Williams Boyd and an army of volunteers worked with youth from Colfax Community Network to make hand-sewn quilts.  Ms. Boyd’s quilt, Please, Mr. President, is surrounded in the gallery by twelve colorful quilts made by kids from Colfax Community Network. Each youth quilt is a self-portrait, four by four feet, and entirely hand sewn, appliquéd, quilted and embroidered and embellished by hand. With Ms. Boyd in the lead, Mandie Birchem from Colfax Community Network guided the children during the 19 workshops. The kids are seven to twelve years old and full of energy. A field trip to see Gee’s Bend, The Architecture of the Quilt at DAM kicked off the residency. Denver Art Museum Master Teacher Heather Nielsen took the youth through the exhibition sharing stories about the women and their history. Ms. Boyd built upon this history during the workshops as the kids created their own work, expressing their unique place in history. In June six of the Gee’s Bend quilt-makers spent an afternoon at PlatteForum with the kids. What an experience for all of us, as the kids presented their work and asked the women about their work and lives. The day ended in song as the women sang gospel songs to us. What an amazing experience for everyone.

The exhibition Me, Myself and I traveled to the Denver City and County Building, 4th Floor Jury Room, July 2008 where thousands of people were able to see the work. The project was also featured on the Channel 9 News, in a story by TarHonda Thomas.


Colfax Community Network
Mandie (the magnificent) Birchem, Director of Programs; Stephanie Edwards, internAmy Hess-Kibben, AmeriCorp volunteer, mom, and Freya; Brandon Moton, paraprofessional, Aurora Public Schools

Youth: Antonio, Arturo, Ashley, Claudia, Danielle, Jaime, Jerry (3), Lenell, Maria, Olivia, Rayann, Tasha

Denver Art Museum : Heather Nielsen, Master Teacher

Volunteers : Terese Coco, PlatteForum Intern; Kristin Adkins, Nicole Anderson, Brooke Baker, Cheri Barber, Antoinette Barbour, Efrem Belay, Mindy Bray, Elizabeth Brayden, Tavia Campbell, Tuni Chatteriji, Marta Cuc-Capota, Rachael Delaney, Valerie Dillon, Ceclia Dionisio, Anthony Dolce, Cris Espinosa, Chris From UCD, Bonita Goltermann, Bryan Grant, Li Hardison, Pilar Heslin, Deborah Horner, Rochelle Johnson, Eileen Kearney, Elaine McDaniel, Rachell Miller, Dana Miller, Jessie Morvay, April Mullinix, Jasmine Naranjo, Heather Nielsen, Terese Nielsen, Sunglan P. Loots, Amanda Peteres, Jan Ramos, Jade Sato, Brenda Smith, Sheala Smith, Sharon Strausberg, Cynthia Treadwell, Stephanie Two-Eagles, Tammy Urich, Erica Wesserman, Ben Wilkins, Sherri Lynn Wood, Emmy Wood, Michelle Yoco

Special thanks to: Courtney McRikard & David Hagan Coulter Bump’s Birthday Bash , CityGrille, Your Beverage Meister, Gourmet Fine Catering and owner Darby Donahue, Izze Beverages, Total Beverages, uptown six productions, Connie Robertson, Rich Miller