David Ocelotl Garcia: Biennial Artist

Residency: July 1 – July 30, 2010
Exhibition: opens August 5, Riverfront Park Suites #170
Exhibition continues through August 27, 2010
A Special Biennial of the Americas Residency

Life in our Hands

David Ocelotl Garcia: It is a struggle to sustain life. This struggle is not for personal growth but for balance between man, woman and mother earth. We are not alone in this struggle, and must work with all living creatures. The four elements connect as one mind, one soul, one spirit…We can bring balance to this struggle.

I am a Mexican artist and have been blessed with a creative energy that allows me to express myself through many mediums, including sculpture, painting and dance. Through many unconscious emotions, deep energies and personal visions, I transcend time and tell the story of my past, present and future.

A special thanks to Sabrina at Eve.

David Garcia at PlatteForum

Assisted by Jovanny Menendez