Daniele Pario Perra

In Residence: March 23 – May 6, 2011 
: Opens Friday, May 6, 2011, at MCA Denvercontinues through June 26, 2011 in the Fox Family Idea Box at MCA Denver
Learning Lab: 
Confluence Project*: ArtLab + TeCo

ANARCH-ETIQUETTE: the etiquette of anarchy:
preserving the writing on the wall

Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver
Fox Family Idea Box
1485 Delgany St. Denver, Colorado
Opening: Friday May 6, 2011
Exhibition open: May 6 – 29, 2011

The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (MCA Denver) and PlatteForum together with the Anthropology Department at the University of Denver are proud to announce the first American exhibition of Daniele Pario Perra. The exhibit compares and contrasts wall writings of spontaneous communication in the Denver metro area and also includes several examples from his previous work in Europe. This exhibition represents the second annual Confluence Project, a shared artist-in-residence program between MCA Denver and PlatteForum.

The exhibition title, ANARCH-ETIQUETTE is inspired by a series of action/public workshops demonstrating the removal and preservation of wall writings on public buildings before they are covered up or the buildings themselves are demolished or renovated. These writings are removed by the technique of fresco removal and then are transferred onto large canvas panels. The canvases become a means of preserving the contemporary thoughts and feelings expressed by the members of the community through wall writing.

ANARCH-ETIQUETTE and Fresco Removal workshops to preserve traces of spontaneous communication on city walls throughout Europe.

Anarch-Etiquette removes and preserves writings connected to the ideas of political parties and their inclinations, critical consumption, cultural and musical movements, among others. The project focuses on fields within the last few decades, which delineate the culture belonging to that specific place. Writings such as, ‘god shave the queen’, ‘mi casa no es tu casa’, ‘light camera war’, ‘TV is tanning you’, and ‘un voile, une voix, un vote’ are examples of messages connected to the local issues in a specific community.

Anarch-Etiquette is not about the uniqueness of a single text on a wall but the collection of various writings, which reveal an understanding of the DNA of the city or area itself. It is a way to study the cultural behaviours in the city, collecting informal communications that reveal the differences between an unconscious visualization of single view and the perception of a global reality, which we identify in the concept of identity.  This dialogue can be seen as a sign of future thoughts and opinions, showing how the place will evolve according to the expressed needs of that society.

The project gives PlatteForum’s ArtLab and MCA Denver’s TeCo teens and the students from the Anthropology Department of the University of Denver the opportunity to do urban anthropological fieldwork. They also engage in round table discussions about what they would like to conserve from their culture or not. The students learn the process of removal and preservation becoming guardians of the memories of the city, this allows the participants to conserve testimonies of an intangible heritage that would otherwise be eliminated.

Anarch-Etiquette would like to thank local partners who have been able to inform the project of where relevant writings could be found and removed before they were covered up or the building was demolished.


Special thank you to Christina Kreps/DU, Guerilla Garden and Jolt (Jeremy Ulibarri), Mary Valdez /City of Denver, Contributions by: Francesco Rovella /Galleria Carta Bianca, Andrea Caputo /All City Writers, Alicia Velázquez /In Transition, Julie Upmeyer /Caravansarai, Roberto Tos /Rewriting, Katja Diallo, Jan Kryszons /Noordkaap Foundation, Alexander Vollebregt /TU Delft, Andrea Bartoli /Farm Cultural Park, Cristina Ampatzidou, Roberto De Luca, Filippo Leonardi, Leo Micali, and the Denver community for their support of this exhibition. The fresco removal video is by Jeanne van der Horst.

Watch now: short video clip that documents Daniella’s fresco process:

* Confluence Project: PlatteForum Artist Residency + MCA Denveris a shared Artist-in-Residence program between PlatteForum and MCA Denver.  Creative Resident Daniele Pario Perra will create new work and lead workshops with teens from PlatteForum’s ArtLab and MCA Denver’s Teen Council. The artist and students’ works with be exhibited in the Fox Family Idea Box at MCA Denver. This residency is the second annual collaborative project with the two organizations.

The Confluence Project is supported by Carisbo Bank Foundation, Colorado Creative Industries, the Fox Family, JP Morgan Chase, Daniel Lincoln & Mark Watts, National Endowment for the Arts, Riverfront Park Community Foundation, University of Denver and the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District.