Daniel Weinshenker, Hugh Graham & Tim Roessler + PS1

Mile High Stories 
Daniel Weinshenker, Hugh Graham, Tim Roessler
March 18 – 25, 2005

Creative Residents and Digital Storytellers Daniel Weinshenker, Hugh Graham and Tim Roessler
have created mini-documentaries of greater Denver residents. This exhibition showcased a new body of work combined with video shorts created by youth from PS1 Charter School. Some of the skills the youth learned are scripting, storyboarding, photo and video editing as they tell their own personal stories. Students assembled images and video, added a soundtrack and voiced their own narration. These digital stories were presented in a multimedia gallery installation, which included a freestanding recording booth through which gallery visitors could record their own audio stories. The digital stories are also be presented on the Mile High Stories website, www.milehighstories.com.