Anne Angyal

Anne Angyal
In Residence: March 3 – April 10, 2004
Anne Angyal is an emerging new-media artist. She graduated from the University of Denver with a B.A. in studio art in 2002, and has exhibited her work in galleries in Boulder and Denver, including Core and Fresh Art galleries. In her current work, she looks at television and how it speaks a language familiar to the viewer. Taking cues from that language, she paints images that are scanned and animated into digital films. As a program assistant at the Denver Art Museum, Ms. Angyal has been developing the interpretive program for the Modern and Contemporary Art installation in the new Hamilton building.

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Residency Description
During her residency at PlatteForum, Ms. Angyal will create a body of work that investigates violence and humor, specifically in television programs. With the youth in the Learning Lab workshops, she will watch TV and discuss the images they see, explore how they relate to the characters, and discover what emotions they feel while watching. They will then take a specific scene and recreate it using media they see fit – small dioramas, stop-animation, etc. At the end of the residency there will be an exhibit showcasing her own video installation along with the work of the students.