Andre Carbonell (AKA Hakeem Furious)

Andre Carbonell (AKA Hakeem Furious), Denver
Residency Dates: September 5 – October 26, 2017

Opening Reception 6-8pm, Thursday, October 26
Slam poet, Andre Carbonell will be working with youth on topics of race and self-expression through performance. During his time at PlatteForum, Andre is seeking to augment his spoken word practice with a set, props and projections for a final exhibition/performance.

About Andre Carbonell
“My ultimate goal is to develop and increase the visibility and validity of the spoken word art form. For centuries griots, scribes, and writers have played a very central role in communities and providing social commentary and a historical record for the civilizations to come. We can even see it today with Hip-Hop being one of America’s largest exports and rappers guiding popular culture.

Specifically when it comes to Denver, there is a gap between the artist established in the spoken word scene and the amount of new poets entering the scene. My goal is to help develop some new youth and adult poets to make the poetry scene in Denver sustainable for another 10-20 years, which will help the community of people of color and the overall city with the continuation of spoken word.”

To learn more about Andre Carbonell’s work, click HERE.