Ana Penalba + Colorado I Have A Dream Foundation

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Creative Resident Ana Penalba: October 28 – December 12, 2013
Learning Lab: Colorado I Have a Dream Foundation
Opening Reception: Thursday, December 12, 5:30 – 8:00 pm

Watch InFocus with Eden Lane as she interviews the youth and artists during this project.

Exhibiting with the artist is the work of students from Colorado I Have a Dream Foundation Records-Rinaldi Class who have been guided by Penalba in creating an imaginary Denver, redefining the existing city to express their vision of what could be. Through a series of discussions and 3D studies the students spent the past six weeks working through creative methods that would aid them in communicating their thoughts and ideas to create a final model titled A City For Us.

The students analyzed Denver as we know it and developed ideas for improvements based on what the city is lacking and where it could be improved. The ideas for improvements range from whimsical to practical, and sometimes both, as seen in the structures created by Angel Rios, “I added more colors, creativity, and safety, I decided to make these changes by seeing what our society lacks, which is creativity and safety. In one park I added more sculptures, and I gave the streets more lamps which helps the drivers and everyone see better. It shows that Denver has safety but at the same time we can be goofy and creative.” Together they took these visions for a new Denver and created not only a city that speaks to them but one that could be enjoyed by all. From a new elevated train system to purple mountains majesty A City For Us shows us that together anything is possible.

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