Abigail Kokai + Colorado I Have a Dream Foundation

Abigail Kokai in Residence: October 31 – December 16, 2011
Opening: Thursday December 15, 2011
Exhibition continues through January 6, 2012
Learning Labs: Colorado I Have a Dream Foundation

Working with a group of 11- and 12-year-old girls from Colorado I Have A Dream Foundation, Abigail Kokaiguided students to construct personal quilts documenting their own lives. Together, the quilts tell the story of life in Denver from many perspectives.  Abigail is a temporary resident in Denver, visiting from Savannah, Georgia. Her quilts preserve finite moments of introspection while responding to the location. The students record their personal experience of this particular time and place.

A special thanks to the volunteers!
Lindy Hargrave, Robin Schaeffer, Joan Walker, Barbara Anderson, Jane Dodge, Jesse Diaz, Alex Jimenez, Kevin Curry, Marcia Bassity, Salvador Flores-Martinez, Saira Apodaca, Thomas Chairez, Cris Espinosa, Eileen O’Brien, Susan Goldstein, Ruben Villalobos, Theresa Anderson, Hajia Muya, Cindy Haner, Connie Robertson, Jeff Page, Katie Watson, Joey Porcelli, Angela Hottinger, Cynthia Treadwell, and Jeffrey Hirschfeld.