ArtLab High School Interns to Host Event at DAM

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EXCHANGE: Jordan Casteel

3:00pm – 4:30pm
Saturday, April 13, 2019
Denver Art Museum, Hamilton Building, level 1
Included in general admission
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Please join us as our own ArtLab high school interns host lively discussions with Denver-area leaders, about the topics addressed by home town hero, painter Jordan Casteel. A former 2010 PlatteForum Lead Artist, Casteel’s work is celebrated in a current solo exhibition at the Denver Art Museum, Returning the Gaze, open now through August 18th, 2019.

Based on the wild success of ArtLab’s workshop held at last year’s 48 Hours Summit at Redline, Coffee with Gen Z., ArtLab interns will again interview local politicians, activists, government workers and more, to get down to the bottom of how youth can become more active and empowered by engaging in many of the important issues addressed in Casteel’s exhibition. Join us at the museum, inside Jordan’s exhibit, where we will be seated throughout the galleries engaged in deep discussion! The topics discussed and esteemed guests at this event are as follows:

Color Theory: Cultural Equity: A conversation exploring the importance of cultural equity as the foundation of social progress.
ArtLab Interns: Aaliyah DiGiacomo, Isnino Salat, Mixi Bautista
Community Leaders:
-Will Chan: Deputy Director for the Mayor’s Office of The North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative

Cultural Activism: Community and Pride: A conversation on cultural values as source of community and pride.
ArtLab Interns: Fania Swadener, Zarion Crews, Luci Rojo-Rocha
Community Leaders:
-James Roy II: Executive Director, Park Hill Collective Impact
-Cristina Aguilar, Community Activist
We Too Are Denver: A conversation exploring the history of POC communities in Denver.
ArtLab Interns: Destany Rodriguez and Francis Almanza
Community Leaders:
-Crisanta Duran, 38th Speaker of the Colorado House of Representative
-Detour, Artist
Masculinity and Vulnerability: A conversation deconstructing tropes of masculinity.
ArtLab Interns: Joseph Valdez, Jay Carter, Xanayia McKinney
Community Leaders:
-Ronny Qi: Executive Director Apprentice of Peace

-Jonathan McMillan: Community Affairs Liaison for City Council District 9

Rewriting the Story: A conversation discussing the misconceptions of communities of color through media, police violence and finding ways to re-write that story. 
ArtLab Interns: Sophie Jeanelle, Jose Robles, Jailyn Franco
Community Leaders:
-State Representative, Leslie Herod
-Dr. Brenda J. Allen: Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion, CU Anschutz

The Gaze: A conversation about the power dynamics of the gaze.
ArtLab Interns: Anneliese Leonhardt, Zaida Sever, Celestina Popelka
Community Leaders:
-Ron Hicks: professional artist
-Iana Dontcheva: film maker and producer

image: Jordan Casteel, Charles, 2016, oil on canvas