TWO Receptions, ONE Show | PROTOTYPE PEACE with Resident Artist Mackenzie Browning and ArtLab Interns

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An exhibition of new work by Resident Artist Mackenzie Browning and ArtLab Interns

OPENING RECEPTION 6pm, Thursday, July 12th
CLOSING RECEPTION 6pm, Thursday, July 26th

Both receptions are free and open to the public.

Gallery hours for PROTOTYPE PEACE exhibition:
OPEN  July 16- 26 Monday-Thursday 10am – 4pm
CLOSED  Friday, July 20th

PROTOTYPE PEACE takes the opposite direction of the proposed border wall designs near San Diego, California. These proposed barriers embody aggression, hatred and a sense of cultural superiority which plagues this country. Installation artist Mackenzie Browning and the ArtLab interns, explore and create “obstacles” which preach love, unity, and peacekeeping – not hate.

Installation artist and printmaker, Mackenzie’s art practice focuses on constructed barriers, both physical and emotional, and the investigation of structures that are used to protect, control, and influence the movement of people and society as a whole. Mackenzie will work with ArtLab interns to create a large-scale installation, continuing to add to it during the two-week exhibition.

Our Resident Artist program is generously supported by OZ Architecture

Photography by Wes Magyar